Yachtmaster Motor Prep and Exam

09/08/2024 (All day)
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The Motor Cruising Yachtmaster Prep course and exam is a preparation course during which our instructors will offer tips and advice on the standards expected during the exam, as well as coaching on any areas you may be weaker in, before taking the exam.


To qualify for Yachtmaster Motor Cruiser, you must have been on a vessel of no more than 24m. Should the vessel be longer than 24m, then only half your sea miles count. You must be able to live aboard. Therefor must have heads and galley. The vessel must have inboard engines.


To qualify for Yachtmaster, these are the following pre requisites:

  • 50 days at sea
  • 2500 miles including at least 5 passages over 60 miles measured along the rhumb line from the port of departure to the destination.
  • Acting as skipper for at least two of these passages
  • Including two which have involved overnight passages
  • 5 days experience as skipper
  • Shorebased courses, which consist of Day Skipper theory and Coastal Skipper theory (the theory modules stay the same, whether you would like to qualify at coastal or offshore level of competency). The difference comes with the sea miles.
  • An RYA SRC radio licence.
  • Elementary First aid, should you be working on a leisure vessel.
  • Should you be working on a commercial vessel, you will need the full STCW 2010
  • ENG 1 Medical to declare yourself medically fit to work on a vessel
  • The prep and exam is run over 4 days. Three days of preparation, and one day of exams, depending on the number of Candidates


Should you already have your Yachtmaster Offshore Sail, and would like to complete a Power Conversion, these are the following pre requisites:

  • Minimum of 1250 miles
  • 25 days living aboard
  • 3 days as skipper
  • 3 passages over 6o miles including 1 overnight and 1 s skipper
  • The vessel must no longer than 24m, if the vessel is longer, then only half the sea miles count
  • Must have inboard engines
  • Must be able to live aboard
  • Must have completed all the RYA Shorebased courses
  • Be in possession of a Radio licence


The Motor Cruiser practical course is the only course that the candidates do not live aboard.  We offer in house accommodation at Ocean House. All rooms are ensuite, and we have wifi, premium dish DSTV, large classroom facilities for self-study after the day out on the water. Accommodation includes breakfast, and clients have the use of the kitchen and undercover braai facilities. Large garden and undercover patio and patio furniture.


Feel free to contact us on +248 2579228 or firs so we can discuss your current skills, and help ensure you reach your goals.


NOTE: For revision of theory it is recommended that candidates take our 2-day Theory Revision for Yachtmaster Prep Week course on 3 – 4 February.


Please watch this video for tips on how to prepare yourself before joining this week of training and exam.


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