RYA Ocean Yachtmaster Theory


The ultimate RYA theory course for those with a real interest in serious navigation. This course is a requirement for those wishing to work on larger vessels and is great fun for those who do not.


Study time: Approximately 50 hours.
Certification: RYA Ocean Yachtmaster Theory.
Ocean Yachtmaster Theory Assessment: Included and online.
14 day opt out with full refund on return of the undamaged course pack.
Delivered by Navathome, an RYA Recognised Training Centre specialising in online training.


Price includes RYA practice navigation tables access to the Navathome Ocean Yachtmaster theory course, course notes and feedback and help from fulltime instructors for 18 hours a day seven days a week.


Helping you every step of the way
This is one of those times when I can say there is no other choice.
This course is by far the best Astro Navigation course around and beats not only other distance learning courses but classroom courses as well. All the usual pictures that are normally provided as still slides are fully animated in the course providing a learning opportunity not to be missed.


What our students think

“If you are thinking about taking the YM Ocean theory course? Stop thinking. Do it now. During this course, Georgina and Vic were always there to answer my questions immediately. Even on a Sunday evening! I would like to thank the whole crew for helping me through this. I recommend this course to everyone who is thinking about the YM Ocean exam, but also if you are just interested in celestial navigation. Follow this course at your own tempo.  This course brought my maritime career to a higher level.”


Why you should choose this course

*RYA Theory coursesRYA Theory courses = not included by all other providers.

  • The Ocean theory course onlinerya tickrya tick If they don’t do ocean?
  • Fourteen day opt out with full refund.rya tickrya tick
  • Animated diagrams show you how and why Astro Navigation works.rya tickrya tick
  • 100% pass rate for everyone who has completed this course.rya tickrya tick
  • Course includes the RYA courses notes which include practice navigation tables and question papers,rya tick
  • Free downloads of pro-formers for plotting and pro-formers for sight reductions.rya tickrya tick
  • Online pro-formers for entering answer with instant feedback and help.rya tickrya tick
  • 6 month access period with an admin fee to extend..rya tickrya tick
  • The course can be completed in as little as 50 hours.rya tick
  • Your RYA pack is sent out at the latest the next day.rya tickrya tick
  • Available for PC and mac. Uses Flash graphics which can be downloaded free from Adobe.rya tick


To complete the Ocean Yachtmaster theory course candidates must have a sound knowledge of navigation, latitude and longitude and transferred position lines.

*Students have 6 months to complete online courses. Should you not complete the course within 6 months, there is a course extension fee of SCR900.


Free delivery of course material to UK, Spain, France and Germany. Shipping for other countries: €50.00