Lockdown update from Ocean Sailing Academy

Lockdown update from Ocean Sailing Academy

We hope everybody is surviving lockdown and finding ways to keep busy until life returns back to normal!

We’re getting a lot of enquiries and questions about when we’re getting back on the water and starting practical courses again.

Unfortunately, we don’t know when that will happen, but please keep an eye on our online course calendar or social media for updates.

However, one thing that we can offer is a wide range of online theory courses.

The online courses start from beginner level, covering navigation, seamanship and safety, all the way to advanced Yachtmaster courses such as Yachtmaster Offshore and Ocean.

Watch this video for information on the online courses that we offer:

All courses are accredited by the Royal Yachting Association so they are internationally recognised. They are professionally created, user friendly and you can communicate with expert instructors online.

Now is the perfect opportunity to learn online if you have more free time while at home during quarantine or isolation, so get started with one of the courses below and join us for practical once we resume normal operations.

Note: Up to 10% discount on selected courses.

The following online courses are available:

RYA SRC-VHF Online Course

RYA SRC-VHF Online Course

No matter what kind of sailing you’re doing, if you’re in a boat, there’ll be a radio on board. Radios are important pieces of safety equipment and your passengers and crew’s lives could depend on your knowledge of how to use them and the correct procedures. That’s why we’ve introduced a online course for anyone who owns a fixed or handheld marine VHF radio.

RYA PPR Online Course

RYA PPR Online Course

The PPR Course (Professional Practices and Responsibilities) is the online course for new and re-validating RYA Commercial Endorsement Holders. Anyone wishing to re-validate or apply for the endorsement must complete the online PPR course first.

RYA Day Skipper Theory

RYA Day Skipper Theory – 10% OFF

A comprehensive introduction to chartwork navigation meteorology and the basics of seamanship. Invaluable for learning how to start making decisions on board and if you are considering taking the Day Skipper practical course. No previous experience required.

RYA Coastal Yachtmaster Theory

RYA Coastal Yachtmaster Theory – 10% OFF

This is the next step for those who have completed the Day Skipper theory and wish to gain their Coastal or Yachtmaster Offshore; it builds on the knowledge you attained during your Day Skipper theory course. It is more of the same with more complex navigation exercises by day and night, pilotage, meteorology, and some additional subjects.

RYA Fastrack Yachtmaster Offshore Theory

RYA Fastrack Yachtmaster Offshore Theory – 10% OFF

Go straight to Yachtmaster Offshore. No previous qualifications required. This is the quickest way to your Yachtmaster Offshore theory certificate. This course is designed for those with some sailing and navigation experience.

RYA Yachtmaster Ocean Online Course

RYA Ocean Yachtmaster Theory – 10% OFF

The ultimate RYA theory course for those with a real interest in serious navigation. Unravel the mysteries of astro navigation, using a sextant, ocean passage making, worldwide meteorology and electronic navigation aids. This course is for those aspiring to blue water cruising and is ideal for holders of the Yachtmaster Offshore certificate who are preparing for their first ocean passage.

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If you have any questions or need guidance on what courses to take, feel free to contact us at info@oceansailing.co.za, and we will get back to you as soon as possible.


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